Classic Car Catalogue

Triumph 1934

Southern Cross - ost rok
Gloria Four - nowy model (4cyl, 1232 cm³, 42 KM lub 1496 cm³, 50 KM)
Gloria Six - nowy model (6cyl, 1991 cm³, 55 KM)
Gloria Southern Cross - nowy model
Dolomite Straight Eight (R8cyl, 1990 cm³, 140 KM) - nowy model

Great Britain

Powstały 3 egzemplarze Dolomite i 6 ośmiocylindrowych silników.


Super Eight

8 h.p. (R4 cyl, 832 cc)
  Saloon de Luxe (wb: 6 ft. 9 in.)



10 h.p. (R4 cyl, 1087 cc; wb: 8 ft.)
  Popular Saloon


Southern Cross

10 h.p. (R4 cyl, 1087 cc; wb: 8 ft.)
  Sports Saloon
  Sports Four-seater



10 h.p. (R4 cyl, 1087 cc; wb: 9 ft.)
  Special Saloon
  Sports Four-seater
12 h.p. (R6 cyl, 1476 cc; wb: 9 ft. 8 in.)
  Special Saloon
  Sports Four-seater

Gloria Sports Tourer modified for the Monte Carlo Rally.

Gloria Six roadster



R8 cyl, 1990 ccm, 120 hp

Dolomite at Brooklands.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20-26.01.1934 Rallye Monte Carlo 7 7 7 151 Donald M. Healey Gloria Special 3rd (->1500 1st)
          152 Jack C. Ridley Gloria 13th ->1500 6th
          119 J. Beck Gloria 27th
          153 Jack Hobbs   29th

Trzecie miejsce (Healey) w RMC Triumph 1300.

Gloria in Monte Carlo tourer with J. Beck at the wheel.

Not so glorious Donald M. Healey's Triumph Glora Special after being driven to Monaco from Athens in RMC.