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Unipower 1966

GT (R4 cyl, 998 cc, 55 bhp)
GT (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 76 bhp)

Great Britain

Unipower is based on the BMC Mini but unlike in it's donor, the engine is located just behind the seats and drives rear wheels. The engine utilizes two carburettors witch provide an outstanding 55 bhp. The car is 11' 8'' (335,6cm) long and only 40½ inches (102,5cm) high.
INTRODUCED at the Racing Car Show is the Unipower GT, a rear-engined coupe built by Universal Power Drives, Ltd, of Perivale, Middlesex. Already an initial production run of 50 cars is planned. The glass-fibre two-seater Specialised Mouldings-constructed body is bonded to a spaceframe chassis. Numerous off-the-shelf components are utilised to facilitate manufacture and servicing-BMC engine, brakes, front and rear hub assemblies, etc. A 55 bhp Mini Cooper engine is fitted, but a larger engine will be fitted to the projected competition version, and the price will be under £900 in component form. Backer of the project is Tim Powell and sales executive is racing driver Andrew Hedges.
(February news)