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Vauxhall 1934

Light Six ASY/ASX (12 HP i 14 HP) - ost.rok
Light Six DY/DX (12 HP i 14 HP) - nowy model
Big Six BY/BX/BXL - nowy model

Great Britain

Roczna produkcja Vauxhalla pod patronatem General Motors przekroczyła 20.000 sztuk, lokując firmę w kręgu największych brytyjskich wytwórni a w klasie 14 HP marka opanowała 40% rynku.

The Light Six A-Series chassis, Model ASY, cost £140 and has a 36-bhp 1531-cc (57 x 100 mm) OHV six-cylinder engine. Much the same chassis is available with 61.5-mm bore (14 HP) 1.781 -cc cubic capacity engine, developing 42 bhp, designated Model ASX. Both has 8 ft 5 in wheelbase and 4.75-17 tyres. Sales figures of 8227 and 15,071 respectively during 1933 and 1934 proved that the 14 HP was the more popular. In fact, in 1933 Vauxhalls accounted for some 40% of all British registrations of 14 HP cars.
Vauxhall Big Six B-Series comprises three basic types, viz. the 19.8 HP BY and the 26.3 HP BX and BXL. The latter has 10 ft 10 in wheelbase, the others 9 ft 3 in. The 19.8 (20) HP engine is a 53-bhp OHV 2.4-Litre unit, the 26.3 (26) HP is a larger-bore 3.2-Litre variant developing 64 bhp. Both has a four-speed gearbox and automatic chassis lubrication. The Model BY Saloon cost £325.


Light Six

ASY/ASX (12 HP / 14 HP)


Light Six

DY/DX (12 HP / 14 HP)


Big Six


Big Six Saloon