Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1938

Ten (H)
Light Six (DY/DX) - discontinued
Twenty Five (GY/GL)
Twelve (I) - new model
Fourteen-Six (J) - new model

Great Britain

Zaprezentowane w Londynie nowe modele Vauxhalla mają półsamonośne nadwozia wzorowane na niemieckich Oplach.
Vauxhall Ten. H-Series, Model HI Saloon, also known as Ten-Four is the first British car with unitary body-cum-chassis construction.
Produced concurrently with the H-Series 10 HP is the I-Series 12 HP. Both has Dubonnet-type independent front suspension with torsion bars.
Vauxhall 25 HP, G-Series, Model GY Saloon have a wheelbase length of 9 ft 3 in but is available also with 10 ft 10 in wheelbase, designated Model GL. Both has a 3215-cc OHV Six engine and independent front suspension. Prices: GY Saloon £315, GL Grosvenor Limousine £595. Special coachwork on this chassis include a Tickford Foursome Coupé by Salmons & Sons (£410), four-door Wingham Cabriolet by Martin Walter (£415) and Grosvenor Close-Coupled Sports Saloon (£385).


(H) 4 cyl, 1203cc; wb: 7ft 10in


Light Six

12 HP (DY) 6 cyl, 1531 cc - discontinued
 Saloon De Luxe
14 HP (DX) 6 cyl, 1781 cc - discontinued
 Saloon De Luxe


Twenty Five

25 HP 6 cyl, 3215 cm³
 Saloon (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Sports Saloon (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Drophead Coupé (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Seven-Seater Saloon (GL) (wb: 10ft 10in)
 Limousine (GL) (wb: 10ft 10in)



(I) 4 cyl, 1442 cc; wb: 8ft 5¼in



(J) 6 cyl, 1781 cc; wb: 8ft 9in

J 14 - october advert.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25-30.01.1938 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 1 115 Barnes   28th (->1500 08th)

The only Vauxhall in RMC going through paces in Monte Carlo. F. Stanley Barnes finished 28th overall and 8th in up to 1500 cc class.