Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1940

Ten (H)
Twelve (I)
Fourteen-Six (J)

Great Britain

April advert.

Vauxhall Ten, Series H, with two-door bodywork, selling at £163. The more common four-door Saloon cost £175. Both has a 9.99 HP 1203-cc OHV Four engine with three-speed gearbox and 7 ft 10 in wheelbase.
Vauxhall Twelve, Series I, has basically the same styling as the Ten, but is of larger dimensions and has a wheelbase of 8 ft 5¼ in. The engine is a 1442-cc OHV Four of 11.98 HP and the saloon body is of the six-light type. Price is £198.
Vauxhall Fourteen, Series J is larger than the Twelve, with 8 ft 9 in wheelbase, 5.50-16 tyres and 1781-cc six-cylinder engine of 14.07 HP. Price is £235.



(H) 4 cyl, 1203cc; wb: 7ft 10in



(I) 4 cyl, 1442 cc; wb: 8ft 5¼in



(J) 6 cyl, 1781 cc; wb: 8ft 9in