Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1957

Wyvern (E) - discontinued
Velox (E) - discontinued
Cresta (E) - discontinued
Victor (FA) - new model
Velox (PA) - new model
Cresta (PA) - new model

Great Britain

Powstało 342 tysiące sztuk serii E, w tym 166 tys modelu Cresta.
Grosvenor estate cars are all Velox based and made 1957 only.
All new Victor for 1957 brought 1955 Chevrolet styling to the UK, with lots of chrome, heavily sculpted body sides wide grille, wrap around front and rear screens, and exhaust exiting through rear bumper. Gaudy colours inside and out completed the picture. Power is from 55 bhp 1507cc giving 75 mph top speed. Four speed all synchro box with column shift, coil spring ifs semi elliptic rear, hydraulic clutch and brakes.
From 1957 Victor and Cresta had different bodies, the new Cresta being much larger, than the Victor in all dimensions. Strongly American influenced styling, with rear wing fins, wrap around windscreen, and three piece wrap around rear screen. Engine is from previous Cresta having 78 bhp from 2262cc giving 90 mph top speed. Gear box is three speeder with column shift. Coil spring ifs and semi elliptic rears, 9"drum brakes, Burman re- circulating ball steering.
Velox (PA) is de- specked version of Cresta.

Wyvern, Velox and Cresta
type E

Wyvern (E) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 48 bhp)
Velox (E) (6 cyl, 2262 cc, 64 bhp)
Cresta (E) (6 cyl, 2262 cc, 64 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 7in)

Cresta (E)

Velox (E) Dormobile Martin Walter


Victor (FA) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 48 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 2in)

Victor (Motor'57)

Velox and Cresta
type PA

PA (6 cyl, 2262 cc, 83 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 9in)