Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1978

Viva (HC)
VX Series - discontinued
Carlton - new model
Royale - new model
Equus - prototype

Great Britain

From £2,341
There are no less than eleven variations of Vauxhall's adaptable Chevette, the first of which was introduced as a three-door hatchback three years ago, in 1256 cc form. Currently there is also an estate version, two and four-door saloons, and commercial van derivatives based on the hatchback. Chevette E, L, GL, GLS, and L Estate all have hatchback bodies and are powered by Vauxhall's thrifty three-bearing 1.3-litre four-cylinder motor which also serves the Viva, and smaller-engined Cavaliers. With rear seat folded the Chevette hatchback is a formidable load-carrier, and the well-located rear axle contributes to excellent handling.
Derived from the more mundane Chevette range, the ultra-sporting 2300 HS has modified wheelarch areas to accommodate upright dampers (normal Chevettes have inclined dampers), but apart from that the hatchback body is virtually identical. The difference is to be found under the bonnet where there lurks a 2300 four-cylinder motor with a lightalloy 16-valve head, and around 135 bhp. The rally-developed engine has a five-speed gearbox, and, with its high performance, the HS has a deep glass-fibre front air-dam for high-speed stability. Its top speed is over 115 mph, and you can still bring home the kitchen sink in it!
From £2,985
Shapely Cavaliers from Vauxhall come as two or four-door saloons, as well as sporty Coupés. Engines range from 1.3 to two-litres for the saloons, but Coupés are two-litre only. The 1300 saloons are powered by Vauxhall's well-proven and thrifty 'Viva' engine, and the cars are made at Luton in Bedfordshire, but larger-engined cars are assembled in Belgium, mainly from German Opel (Ascona and Manta) parts. The 1600 Cavalier is available as a two or four-door saloon, but the 2000 comes as a four-door model only. All models are available with choice of manual or automatic, except the 1300 saloon which is manual only.
Recently-announced Cavalier Sports Hatch owes its inspiration to the Opel Monza, both companies being European members of the giant American General Motors Corporation. The Sports Hatch is shorter than the Monza, but has a similar hatchback for luggage-loading. Bodywork, from grille to door pillars, is identical to the Cavalier Coupé (which remains in production) but the tail section is new. With luxury GLS trim and choice of 1600 or 2000 engines, the Sports Hatch will greatly broaden the appeal of the popular Cavalier range. The aerodynamic shape is good for 101 mph in the 1600.
price to be announced
Brand-new model for the Birmingham Motor Show, the two-litre Carlton is based on the Opel Rekord, and is a four-cylinder model of refinement. Carltons come as four-door saloons, or five-door estates, and to give them identity (as well as increased aerodynamic efficiency) there is a 'Cavalier-type'. nose. Interior trim is luxurious, and the Carlton is available with choice of manual or automatic transmission. The new model replaces Vauxhall's VX range and is expected to become highly competitive in a highly-competitive sector. Estate models are exceptionally roomy with notable allround visibility. Maximum over 100 mph.
Price to be announced
Claimed by the manufacturers to be 'the most advanced, luxurious car ever to be offered by Vauxhall', the Royale is a new 2.8-litre six-cylinder model, available as four-door saloon or three-door hatchback Coupé. The saloon is based on the German Opel Senator, and the hatchback on the Monza Coupé, both models coming complete with power-steering, automatic transmission, central door locking, sunroof, electric windows, and headlamp wash/wipe equipment. The hatchback has a folding rear seat, making it a useful as well as a fast sporting Coupé. Replacing the VX series, the Royales become the 'Flagships' of the Vauxhall fleet.
London report


wb: 94.2 in. 4 cyl. ohv
1256 cc
58 bhp (DIN)
Saloon 2-dr E/L
Saloon 4-dr E/L/GL
Estate L
Hatchback 3-dr E/L/GL
October '78

HS (4 cyl, 2279 cc, 135 bhp)
 Hatchback 3-door



wb: 97 in. 4 cyl. ohv
1256 cc
58 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. ohc
1759 cc
88 bhp (DIN)
Salon 2-dr 1300 E/L -
Salon 4-dr 1300 E/L/GLS GLS
Estate 1300 L/GLS -
October '78



wb: 99 in. 4 cyl. ohv
1256 cc
58 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. ohc
1584 cc
75 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl ohc
1979 cc
100 bhp (DIN)
Saloon 2-dr 1300 L 1600 L -
Saloon 4-dr 1300 L 1600 L/GL 2000 GL
Sports Hatch 3-dr - 1600 GLS 2000 GLS
Coupé 2-dr - - 2000 GLS
October '78

L 1300 2-door Saloon £2,984-61;
L 1300 4-door Saloon £3,087-63;
L 1600 2-door Saloon £3,15432;
L 1600 4-door Saloon £3,257-28;
GL 1600 4-doorSaloon £3,579-03;
GL 2000 4-doorSaloon £3,771-93;
GLS 2000 2-door Coupé £4,334-85;
GLS 1600 and GLS 2000 Sports Hatch-Prices to be announced.

VX Series

1800 (1759 cc, 88 bhp)
2300 (2279 cc, 108 bhp)
(4 cyl, 2279 cc, 116 bhp)

2300 GLS



wb: 105 in. 4 cyl. ohc
1979 cc
100 bhp (DIN)
Saloon 4-dr 2000
Estate 5-dr 2000



  6 cyl
2784 cc
Saloon 4-door  
Coupé 3-door