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Vignale 1948



Fiat 1100 Berlinetta Superleggera

Fiat 1100 Coupé

Fiat 1500 Coupé

Packard 120 Cabriolet is mounted on a 1939 One Twenty chassis. In 1948 Packard sent one of their car chassis to the Vignale coachbuilding company in Turin. The same year, this car was exhibited in Europe at many of the more prominent automobile salons.


In late 1946 Alfredo Vignale was the departmental head of Stabilimenti Farina. He built the first Coupé body for Cisitalia 202 CMM and get a cheque for one hundred thousand Lire. With this bonus, Vignale was able to set up his own carrozzeria. In 1948 the Carrozzeria Vignale was founded at Via Cigliano, Turin.

Fiat 1500 Berlina Panoramica

Cisitalia 202 cabrio