Classic Car Catalogue

Voisin 1931

C14 13CV (6 cyl., 2326 cc, 66 ch; wb: 322 cm)
C12 24CV (6 cyl., 4530 cc, 105 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C16 33CV (6 cyl., 5830 cc, 130 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C22 33CV (6 cyl., 5830 cc, 120 ch; wb: 370,8 cm) (C16 underslung)
C18 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C21 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 322 cm) (C18 underslung)
C20 28CV (V12 vyl., 4890 cc, 115 ch; wb: 370,8 cm)
C23 17CV (6 cyl., 2994 cc, 80 ch; wb: 322 cm) - Paris


C12 24 CV By 1931, only three styles were available: the Chartreuse 5-seater saloon, the Chartre 4-seater demi berline and the Chartrain 7-seat saloon.
C14 13 CV The 13CV saw no further changes after the 1930 Paris Salon, when the Manessius models were discontinued. It remained available in the various factory body styles thereafter.
C16 33 CV
C18 28 CV
C20 28 CV available from 1931 in three body styles: saloon (code Myra), demi-berline (code Mylord) and 4-seater cabriolet (code Myrte). During the model year, the wheelbase was lengthened to 3.71m.
C21 28 CV model, based on the C14 13CV chassis and powered by the 28CV 12-cylinder of the C18.
C22 33 CV wheelbase of the 33CV was lengthened to 3.71m in 1931, together with revisions to the axle.
C23 17 CV - new model Voisin introduced the 17CV C23 in 1931, equipped with a new 3-litre six.