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Willys Overland 1938


38 Series (4 cyl, L-head, 134.2, 48 h.p.; wb: 100 in.)
  Economy Coupe
  Standard Coupe
  Standard Sedan
  Deluxe Coupe
  Deluxe Sedan
  Custom Sedan

Willys Sedan

Willys-Overland is one of the smallest US cars and many of the year's production total of 26,673 were exported. Engine is economical 2.2-litre L-head.


Willys Coupé

Willys Sedan



The Clipper Family Sedan and De Luxe Family Sedan are 2-Door additions to the 1938 Willys lineup of Standard and De Luxe Sedans and Coupes and the Custom Sedan. 










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