Classic Car Catalogue

Willys 1966

Aero Willys 2600    
Itamaraty – new model  
Executivo – new model  
Renault Gordini    
Interlagos – discontinued  
Pick-up Jeep    
Interlagos II – prototype  


Zakończyła się produkcja modelu Interlagos, który powstawał w Brazylii na licencji Renault Alpine. Od 1961 roku zbudowano łącznie 1500 sztuk modeli A 108 i A 110. (Wg. niektórych źródeł 1961-67, 828 szt.)
Jeep wyposażony w alternator.
In 1966 came the launch of a new, more luxurious version dubbed the Itamaraty (A magazine called it a "palace on wheels"), it came equipped with leather seats, optional air conditioning with rear vents, new front and new rear. The Aero for 1967 there was little significaticas changes, taillight happens to be composed of 3 distinct parts (red / yellow / white), and new panel with five separate instruments the previous was 3 instruments being gasoline / temperature, speedometer / odometer and battery / oil.
The Executivo was launched at motor show in Sao Paulo in November.
Willys Overland do Brasil is a second-largest automobile factory in Brazil after the Volkswagen. Founded in 1952, initially, the company produced the Jeep in various versions, later joined by the license production of the Renault Dauphine and the French sports car Alpine (Interlagos).
The Aero-Willys 2600 appeared in the autumn of 1962 as the first independent development of the Brazilian automotive industry. Newly developed from this model is the 3-litre Itamaraty launched at the end of last year. In November this year came the Intamaraty Executivo. The first car of this seven-seater model was built with many extras for the Brazilian State President.

Produkcja 2600

Produkcja modelu Rural.


Renault Gordini



Renault Gordini II

Aero Willys 2600

wb: 2738 mm 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
110 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr



Itamaraty and Executivo

  wb: 6 cyl.
3014 cm³
132 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr 2738 mm Itamaraty
Limousine 3450 mm Executivo


Itamaraty Executivo


wb: 2100 mm 4 cyl.
845 cm³
53 hp (SAE)
Berlinette 2+2



Rural and Pickup

wb: 2654 mm 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
Kombi 2-dr Rural
Pick-up Jeep




  wb: 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
  2057 mm Universal
  2565 mm 101



Interlagos II

Interlagos – prototype