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Wolseley 1940

Great Britain

12/48 Series III
14/60 Series III
18/85 Series III
25 Series III 

Wolseley Ten, Series III, four-door Saloons in the Netherlands.

The Ten is one of a wide range of cars offered by Nuffield's Wolseley Motors Ltd of Ward End, Birmingham. Others are the 12/48 four-cylinder and 14/60, 16/65, 18/85, 21 and 25 HP six-cylinder models, all with the same basic styling but varying in size and equipment. Prices are from £237 (Ten) up to £855 (25 Limousine).

Wolseley Drophead Coupé on Special 25 HP Super Six chassis. The impressive front end features large Lucas P100 headlamps, side lamps and twin flat-top-beam foglamps, as well as tuned Mellotone Post-Horns, operated by a loud/soft push in the steering-wheel centre. The 3485-cc OHV Six engine delivers 108 bhp and drive through a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and top gears.