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Wolseley 1961

Great Britain

1500 (4 cyl. 1489 cm³, 43 KM)
15/60 (4 cyl. 1489 cm³, 55 KM) – discontinued
6/99 (6 cyl. 2912 cm³, 102 KM) – discontinued
Hornet (4 cyl. 848 cm³, 37 KM, 672 funty) – new model
16/60 (1622 cm³, 61 KM) – new model – replacement for 15/60
6/110 (6 cyl. 2912 cm³, 120 KM) – new model – replacement for 6/99 

Nowe modele 16/60 i 6/110.

Launched in the autumn of 1961 Wolseley Hornet is 'up-market' Mini variant, similar to the Riley Elf but immediately recognisable by the illuminated name badge mounted on the grille. Based on the Mini body shell but with extended boots. Mechanically they are unchanged from the standard Mini with 34 bhp 848cc engines and reduced performance because of the extra weight. They has better sound insulation, carpeted boot with top hinged. Wolseley instrument panel is similar to Mini Cooper, with small veneered oval and full width parcel shelf. Seats in the Wolseley are faced with cloth simulating plastic.
New grille with integral flashers in 1500 Series 2.
Wolseley 16/60 Saloon succeeded the 15/60 in the summer and is distinguishable by front end changes, reduced rear fins and modified side mouldings. A larger engine (1622-cc 61 bhp), front suspension modifications with anti roll bar and a new exhaust system are also featured.
6/110 gets 120 bhp and 102 mph top speed, also optional power steering and air con. Rear suspension gets panhard rod.



Wolseley 1500



Wolseley 15/60


Six-Ninety Nine

Wolseley 6/99






Six-One Ten




Wolseley Hornet (po lewej) i Riley Elf.



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