Classic Car Catalogue


2 August 1931


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Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Engine:   Entrant: Position: Class: Pos.:
    Macher D.K.W.         750 cc 1st
    Lohlratisch           750 cc 2nd
    Levy Bugatti         1500 cc 1st
    Decaroli Salmson         1500 cc 2nd
    Caracciola Mercedes-Benz         1500→ 1st
    Von Morgen Bugatti         1500→ 2nd
    Von Brauchitsch Mercedes-Benz         1500→ 3rd
A RACE meeting was held at the Avus Track in Berlin on Sunday, August 2nd, and a huge crowd of spectators saw Caracciola score a popular victory on his Mercedes-Benz at an average speed of 117 m.p.h.
There were 11 starters and only 2 finishers in 1500 cc class.