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Borodino Grand Prix

Borodino Grand Prix
26 April 1931
Circuito di Alessandria
Entered: circa 50


Motor SportJune 1931
ACHILLE VARZI, the champion of Italy, driving one of the new Bugatti racers with the 2,300 c.c. double overhead camshaft engine won the seventh race over the Circuit of Alexandria, now known as the Grand Prix Bordino, which was run on Sunday, 26th April. Two other Bugattis driven by Minozzi and von Morgen were second and third with Count Castelbarco on a Maserati fourth, while in the 1,100 c.c. class victory went to Camotte on a Salmson. The opening stages of the race witnessed a terrific duel between Varzi and his late team-mate, Tazio Nuvolari, on one of the new 2,300 c.c. straight-eight Alfa-Romeo racers, and the race thus gave a foretaste of the struggles which may be expected in the later events of the season.
Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Engine:   Entrant: Position: Class: Category:
    Varzi Bugatti 2300 cc     1st    
    von Morgen Bugatti       3rd    
    Minozzi Bugatti       2nd    
    Burggaller Bugatti       6th    
    d'Amoux Bugatti            
    Prince Leiningen Bugatti            
    Fagioli Maserati            
    Toti Maserati            
    Ghersi Maserati            
    Count Castelbarco Maserati       4th    
    Nuvolari Alfa-Romeo       dnf    
    Varzi Alfa-Romeo            
    Arcangeli Alfa-Romeo       5th    
    Camotte Salmson         1100 1st
    Benoit Amilcar         1100 2nd
    Carnaveli Rally         1100 3rd