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VIII Coppa Acerbo

Coppa Acerbo
14 August 1932
Pescara Circuit
12 laps x 25.5 km = 306.0 km


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Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Class: Pos.: Laps: Time:
2   Rudolf Caracciola Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 2.6 S-8 SA Alfa Romeo 02nd     12 2h 11m 33.0s
4   Silvio Rondina OM 665 2.2 S-6 Carlo Pellegrini dnf     05 -
6   Mario U. Borzacchini Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 SA Alfa Romeo 06th     12 2h 26m 16.2s
8   Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 2.6 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari 01st     12 2h 11m 18.8s
10   Piero Taruffi Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari acc     7 -
12   Manfred von Brauchitsch Mercedes-Benz SSKL 7.1 S-6 Manfred von Brauchitsch dnf     00 -
14   Antonio Brivio Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari 04th     12 2h 19m 28.2s
16   Albert Broschek Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1 S-6 Albert Broschek nc     10 -
18   Clemente Biondetti MB Speciale 2.5 S-8 Clemente Biondetti 08th     11 2h 33m 46.2s
20   Secondo Corsi Maserati 26 1.5 S-8 Secondo Corsi 09th     11 2h 34m 04.0s
22   Earl Howe Delage 15S8 1.5 S-8 Earl Howe 07th     12 2h 26m 16.4s
24   Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 2.6 S-8 SA Alfa Romeo dna     - -
26   Pietro Ghersi Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari dnf     02 -
28   Luigi Fagioli/Maserati/Ruggeri Maserati V5 5.0 V-16 Officine A. Maserati 05th     12 2h 21m 31.4s
30   Giuseppe Morandi Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 Giuseppe Morandi dnf     04 -
32   Carlo Gazzabini Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Carlo Gazzabini dna     - -
34   Amedeo Ruggeri Maserati 26M 3.0 S-8 Officine A. Maserati dnf     05 -
36   Charly Jellen Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 Charly Jellen dna     - -
38   Achille Varzi Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 Automobiles E. Bugatti dnf     05 -
40   Anne-Cecile Rose-Itier Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 Anne-Cecile Rose-Itier dnf     07 -
42   Renato Danese Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Renato Danese dna     - -
44   Vittoria Orsini Maserati 26 1.5 S-8 Vittoria Orsini 10th     11 2h 35m 14.0s
46   Louis Chiron Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 Automobiles E. Bugatti 03rd     12 2h 13m 13.4s
    Scaron Amilcar           →1100 1st    
    Chambost Salmson           →1100 2nd    
    Matruelo Maserati           →1100 3rd    
    Perarrin Maserati           →1100 4th    


Motor SportSeptember 1932
The Coppa Acerbo.

An unlooked for excitement was included this year in the race for the Coppa Acerbo by some enterprising burglar lifting the valuable Coppa itself a few days before the race. This little incident did not deter the participants, however, and a fierce struggle over a course of 306 kilometres resulted in a win for the invincible Nuvolari, who averaged 139 k.p.h. on his " Monoposto " Alfa Romeo. Only 14 seconds behind came Caracciola, on a similar car, and he was 2 minutes ahead of the third man, Chiron.
Tazio nuvolari at speed in the Coppa Acerbo. Note the regular path of the cars.
For the first time, an Englishman took part in the race, Earl Howe driving his 1½-litre Delage. As there were only two classes, unlimited and 1,100 c.c., the Delage had to compete against considerably heavier metal, but in spite of this it was the first 1½-litre car to cross the line.
The course is the usual triangular shape, with one mountainous stretch and two very fast "legs," on which Earl Howe informs us he was able to use 5th gear on the Delage.
1. T. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo 2,650 c.c.), 2h. 11m. 18 3/5s.
2. R. Caracciola (Alfa Romeo 2,650 c.c.), 2h. 11m. 33s.
3. L. Chiron (Bugatti), 2h. 13m. 13 2/5s.
4. Brivio (Alfa Romeo).
5. Fagioli (Maserati).
1,100 c.c.
1. Scaron (Amilcar), 51m. 11s.
2. Chambost (Salmson).
3. Matruelo (Maserati).
4. Perarrin (Maserati).