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Circuit du Dauphiné

Circuit du Dauphiné
2 August 1931


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Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Engine:   Entrant: Position: Class: Pos.:
    Scaron Amilcar         B 1st
    Martinatti Salmson         B 2nd
    Dourel Amilcar         B 3rd
    Girard B.N.C.         B 4th
    Toselli Bugatti         C 1st
    Ralph Bugatti         C 2nd
    Veyrat Bugatti         C 3rd
    Mme Anne Itier Bugatti         C 4th
    Joly Maserati         C 5th
    Angwerd Bugatti         C 6th
    Mlle Helle-Nice Bugatti         C 7th
    Etancelin Alfa-Romeo         D 1st
    Lehoux Bugatti         D 2nd
    Zehender Alfa-Romeo         D 3rd
SO many races this year have been marred by bad weather conditions that it was not surprising that Sunday, August 2nd, the day on which was held the Circuit du Dauphine, should dawn grey and cold, with a steady downpour of rain. In spite of this, however, a good crowd watched an exciting race which was eventually won by Scaron (Amilcar) in Class B, by Toselli (Bugatti) in Class C, and by Philippe Etancelin (Alfa-Romeo) in Class D. In the latter class there was a terrific struggle between the winner and Lehoux (Bugatti), who lead for the first few laps. The record speed for the race made by the late Eddoura of 128 k.p.h. was not beaten, but this was not to be wondered at when one remembers that heavy rain fell throughout the race.