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Giro di Sicilia

Giro di Sicilia
27 April 1930


AFEW years ago the Targa Florio used to include classes for touring cars, but of late years Cav. Vincenzo Florio has organised a separate event for cars in this category. This is known as the Circuit of Sicily, the cars racing round the island, the total distance of the circuit being about 609 miles. This year the event attracted nearly forty entries, divided into cars with engines of less than 1100 c.c., and cars with engines of greater capacity. The small class was composed entirely of Model 509 Fiats, ten of these cars being entered. In the larger class there were entered seven O.M.'s, eleven Alfa-Romeos, four Lancias, two Bugattis, a Diatto, a Hupmobile, two Maseratis and a Bianchi. The race, which was run a week before the Targa, on the 27th April, was unfortunately marred by an accident in which Silitti was killed. The race was won by Rosa and Morandi on an O.M.
Motor Sport, June 1930
Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Position: Class: Position:
    Rosa-Morandi om         1ST    
70   Gasparin-Arcangeli Alfa-Romeo 6c 1750 S       2ND    
64   Magistri-Guidotti Alfa-Romeo 6c 1750 S       3RD    
    Strazza-Vigo lancia         4TH    
    d'Anico-Finocchiaro Fiat 509         1100 1ST
    Jacono-Corsi Fiat 509         1100 2ND
    Giardina-Cottone Fiat 509         1100 3RD
    Vauucci-La Rosa Fiat 509         1100 4TH
      Maserati         6th