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I Circuit de Viesse Nice

Nice Circuit Race
31 July 1932
Nice Circuit
Heat 1 and 2: 10 laps x 3.228 km = 32.3 km
Heat 3 and Final: 15 laps x 3.228 km = 48.4 km


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entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Class: Pos.: Final:
  Calms Rosengart       Calms →750 2nd  
  Pierre Rey Peugeot       Pierre Rey →750 dnf  
  Lebas Lebas       Lebas →750 1st  
  Jean Labbay Mathis       Jean Labbay →750 dnf  
  Ferreol Rosengart       Ferreol →750 dna  
  Albert Chambost Salmson GS     Albert Chambost 750→1100 1st  
  Emile Dourel Amilcar CGS     Emile Dourel 750→1100 dna  
  Reveiller Amilcar CC     Reveiller 750→1100 2nd  
  François Martinatti Salmson GS     François Martinatti 750→1100 3rd  
  Henri Gegauf Tony Speciale     Henri Gegauf 750→1100 dnf  
  Camille Porre Amilcar C6     Camille Porre 750→1100 dnf  
  Victor Marret Salmson GS     Victor Marret 750→1100 dna  
  Pierre Veyron Maserati 26 1.5 S-8 Pierre Veyron 1100→1500 2nd  
  Leurquin Amilcar CGS Leurquin 1100→1500 3rd  
  Mistral Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 Mistral 1100→1500 4th  
  Secondo Corsi Maserati 26 1.5 S-8 Secondo Corsi 1100→1500 dna  
  Frederic Toselli Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 Frederic Toselli 1100→1500 1st  
46 Louis Trintignant Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Louis Trintignant 1500→2000 1st 5th
Jean Eminente Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Jean Eminente 1500→2000 dna  
Stanislav Czaykowski Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Stanislav Czaykowski 1500→2000 2nd  
Moulin Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Moulin 1500→2000 dnf  
Pierre Rey Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Pierre Rey 1500→2000 3rd  
Antoine Canin Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 Antoine Canin 2000→ dnf  
Stanislav Czaykowski Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 Stanislav Czaykowski 2000→ dnf  
Paul Morand Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 Paul Morand 2000→ dnf  
Louis Chiron Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 Louis Chiron 2000→ 2nd 1st
Raymond Sommer Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Raymond Sommer 2000→ 5th 2nd
René Dreyfus Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 René Dreyfus 2000→ 1st 3rd
Goffredo Zehender Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Goffredo Zehender 2000→ 4th 4th
Benoît Falchetto Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 Benoît Falchetto 2000→ 3rd dnf
Luigi Premoli BMP-Maserati 2.5 S-8 Luigi Premoli 2000→ dna  
Guy Moll Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 Guy Moll 2000→ dna  
Motor SportSeptember 1932

FOLLOWING on the successful experiment of the Monaco Grand, Prix, other French towns are taking up the idea. We have already remarked on the Grand Prix of Nimes, and now we have the Circuit of Nice.
The organizers of this event wisely decided not to run the race on the lines of the others, i.e. one long distance race, but arranged a series of heats for five classes, with a final. For the benefit of those who are familiar with the topography of Nice, the course was composed of the Promenade des Anglais, the Avenue de Verdun, a part of the Place Massena, and back to the starting point by way of the Quai des Etats-Unis, a total distance of 3 kilometres 228 metres.
The 750 c.c. and the 1,100 c.c. classes were run off together, and at the start Martinaki forged ahead on his Salmson, while Labbay led the 750's. This state of affairs did not last long, however, for a great duel developed between Chambost (Salmson), who took the lead, and Reveller (Amilcar), while Martinaki dropped back. Revelller set up a lap record, and soon afterwards passed his rival in front of the stands. Chambost retaliated by repassing shortly afterwards, when Reveller had the misfortune to be hindered by a slower car on a winding part of the course, with the result that he could not make up the distance between himself and the Salmson before the end of the race.
In the 750 c.c. class Lebas (Lebas) passed Labbay, who finished a whole lap behind a Rosengart driven by Cahnes.
1,100 c.c.
1. Chambost (Samson), 22 m. 57 3/5 secs.
2. Reveiller (Amilcar), 23 m. 7 secs.
3. Martinaki (Salmson), 23 m. 23 secs.
750 c.c.
1. Lebas (Lebas), 26 m. 40 secs.
2. Calmes (Rosengart).
Like the 750's and 1,100's, the 1,500 c.c. and 2,000 c.c. classes were run off simultaneously, over the same distance, 10 laps.
On the first lap a very fast pace was set by Czaikowski and Trintignant, both on 2-litre Bugattis, the latter leading by a few feet. From there on these two left the rest of the field well behind, but Trintignant steadily increased his lead over Czaikowski by 2 or 3 seconds every lap, finally finishing in that order. In the 1,500 c.c. class Toselli (Bugatti) leapt into the lead, followed by Veyron (Maserati). Toselli was a good deal faster than some of the 2-litres, and held third place in the general classification. Veyron was going strong, however, and Leurquin (Amilcar) began to pick up, breaking the lap record in doing so. No trouble developed in any of the cars, and they finished in that order.
2,000 c.c.
1. Trintignant (Bugatti), 21 min. 27 1/5 secs.
2. Czaikowski (Bugatti), 21 min. 45 secs.
3. Rey (Bugatti), 23 min. 14 secs.
1,500 c.c.
1. Toselli (Bugatti,), 22 min 24 secs.
2. Veyron (Maserati), 23 min. 4 secs.
3. Leurquin (Amilcar), 23 min. 31 secs.
In the unlimited category competitors had to cover 15 laps of the circuit, and with 5 Bugattis pitted against 2 Alfas there was every prospect of a good tussle.
At the end of the first lap Rene Dreyfus (Bugatti) led, followed by Chiron (Bugatti) while a good deal of passing was being done in the field. By the third lap things had settled down somewhat, and we saw that Chiron had passed Dreyfus, who was followed by Benoit (Bugatti), Zehender (Alfa-Romeo), Czaikowski (Bugatti), Sommer (Alfa-Romeo), and Canin (Bugatti). Czaikowski's car was not going well, and soon after he lost his place to Sommer. A lap later, and he joined Morand (Bugatti) and Canin (Bugatti) in retiring.
Chiron continued to lead by some 5 seconds from Dreyfus, but on the 10th lap the latter began to wipe off this lead, and after a terrific scrap passed Chiron on the last lap, winning by 4 /5ths second.
RESULTS. 1. Dreyfus (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 30 m. 41 1/5 secs.
2. Chiron (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 30 in. 42 secs.
3. Benoit (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 31 m. 14 secs.
4. Zehender (Alfa-Romeo 2,300 c.c.), 31 m. 15 secs.
5. Sommer (Alfa-Romeo 2,300 c.c)., 31 m. 16 secs.
In the final, only one of the 2-litre cars came to the starting line, namely, the Bugatti driven by Trintignant. There were six starters in all : Chiron, Dreyfus, Benoit and Trintignant on Bugattis, and Sommer and Zehender on Alfa-Romeos.
A sensation was caused on the first lap when it was seen that the favourites, Chiron and Dreyfus, were only lying third and fourth, the first two places being held by Benoit, who is a native of Nice, and Sommer, winner at Le Mans.
The local champion could not hold the fast pace, however, and immediately fell back, so that on the second lap Sommer led, followed by Chiron, Dreyfus and Benoit. Then Sommer overshot a corner, letting Chiron and Dreyfus through to the first two places, but quickly restarting he set off in pursuit, and was soon on their heels.
The speed got faster and faster, first Chiron and then Dreyfus breaking the lap record, the latter's average speed being about 62 m.p.h. Sommer was driving an inspired race, and after his one slip, never made a mistake. Chiron was still a few seconds ahead, and on the final lap Sommer made a supreme effort and succeeded in passing Dreyfus, the cars finishing in that order.
1. Chiron (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 30 min. 19 3/5 secs.
2. Sommer (Alfa-Romeo 2,300 c.c.) , 30 mm. 23 secs.
3. Dreyfus (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 30 min. 29 secs.
4. Zehender (Alfa-Romeo 2,300 c.c.), 31 min 14 secs.
5. Trintignant ( Bugatti 2000, c.c.).