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Les 24 Heures de Spa

Spa 24 Hours
10 July 1932


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Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Class: Pos.: Distance: Speed:
12   Schiffelers / Konings Ford   3200 cc L4   nc 4.0 nc    
16   Nothomb / Nothomb De Soto   11th 4.0 2nd 1981.130 km 82.545 km/h
22   Texidor / Narichkine Alfa Romeo RLTF 3600 cc L6   10th 4.0 1st 2048.720 km 85.365 km/h
30 Howe / Birkin Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 LM 2336 cc 8 Earl Howe 3rd 3.0 3rd 2636.790 km 109.860 km/h
32   Georges / Mathot F.N.   2200 cc 8   4th 3.0 4th 2323.963 km 96.830 km/h
34   Lecomte / Salmon F.N.   2200 cc 8   5th 3.0 5th 2323.925 km 96.820 km/h
36   Jackens / Grisar F.N.   2200 cc 8   6th 3.0 6th 2323.887 km 96.810 km/h
38 Brivio / Siena Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 MM 2336 cc 8 Scuderia Ferrari 1st 3.0 1st 2785.920 km 116.080 km/h
40 Taruffi / d'Ippolito Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 MM 2336 cc 8 Scuderia Ferrari 2nd 3.0 2nd 2681.690 km 111.730 km/h
44   Sommer / Delmer Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 LM 2336 cc 8 Raymond Sommer dnf 3.0 dnf   Clutch
58   Danne / Gergaud Rally   1362 cc L4   7th 2.0 1st 2160.158 km 90.004 km/h
60   Vandersmissen / Roberfroid D.K.W.   12th 1.1 3rd 1979.439 km 82.470 km/h
62 Freddy Clifford M.G. Midget L4   dnf 1.1 dnf   Failure
64   Doré / Treunet B.N.C.   1093 cc 8th 1.1 1st 2066.132 km 86.087 km/h
80   "Raph" Amilcar C6 1100 cc L6   dnf 1.1 dnf    
  Duray La Licorne   dnf 1.1 dnf    
  Fauconnier Chenard & Walcker   dnf dnf    
  Djordjadze / Stoffel Mercedes-Benz SSK 7068 cc L6   dnf +4.0 dnf   Transmission
  Helaers / Vasselle Hotchkiss   dnf 4.0 dnf   Wheel
  Frédéric Thelusson Lancia Dilambda V8   dnf 4.0 dnf   Piston
  Dumoret D'Yrsan   dnf dnf    
  Alphonse Evrard Bugatti T37 dnf dnf    
  Charley Mathis   dnf dnf    
  Francotte B.N.C.   nc 1.1 nc    
  de Lavillatte / Luys D'Yrsan   13th 1.1 4th 1529.022 km 63.708 km/h
  Franz Gouvion Lancia   dnf 4.0 dnf    
  Hardy / Demoulin Impéria   14th 2.0 2nd 1460.119 km 60.857 km/h
  van Hove / Havelange Amilcar   1089 cc 9th 1.1 2nd 2052.960 km 85.537 km/h
    Amilcar         1.1      
    Chrysler         +4.0      
    Impéria         2.0      
    B.N.C.         1.1      
    Bugatti         3.0      
    Invicta         +4.0      
    B.N.C.         1.1      
    Bugatti   1500 cc     2.0      
    Bugatti   1500 cc     2.0      


Fastest lap: Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 LM) 126.640 km/h


Motor SportAugust 1932

SO overwhelming has been Alf aRomeo's series of victories this season, that it would have been a daring prophecy indeed to have foretold anything but another win for the Milanese firm in the Belgian 24-hour race. The greatest opposition to the official team was likely to come from Sommer, winner at Le Mans, Earl Howe and Sir Henry Birkin on another Alfa-Romeo, and Prince Djordjadze on the white Mercedes he raced at Brooklands last year in the 500 Miles Race.
The race is a straightforward affair, run in three classes, which makes it easy to follow, but rather centres interest on the fastest cars. All the classes were well filled, and so in spite of an almost certain win for Alfa-Romeo in the 3-litre class, and for the honour of travelling the greatest distance of any car, there was every prospect of an interesting race.
Strangely enough, the Alfa-Romeo team did not immediately assume the lead, which was taken by Sommer, followed by Djordjadze. This state of affairs did not last for long, however, for soon after, the two official Alfas, driven by Brivio-Siena and Taruffi-D'Ippolito shot ahead, closely followed by Earl Howe and Sir Henry Birkin.
For some time little alteration was made in this position, the Mercedes leading in the largest class, a Lancia being first in the second, Brivio-Siena (Alfa-Romeo) in the 3-litre class, a Bugatti in the 1,500 c.c. class, and a D.K.W. in the 1,100 c.c. division. Great disappointment was felt among the crowd when Vasselle, the popular Hotchkiss driver, and winner of this year's Monte Carlo Rally, fell out, but a very favourable impression was being made by the three eight-cylinder F.N.'s, which although overshadowed by the faster machines, were lapping with great regularity.
Retirements were numerous. All through the night and the next morning cars were constantly dropping out. Sommer, who had hoped to bring off "the double" with the Le Mans Race, retired, as did the Mercedes of Prince Djordjadze, the Bugatti, the Ford, the Mathis, the Lancia which led its class, Lord de Clifford's M.G., after a gallant run, a B.N.C., an Amilcar, and a d'Yrsan.
Brivio-Siena and Taruffi-D'Ippolito had kept close company for a certain time, but now the former team drew steadily ahead, until at mid-day on Sunday they were 6 laps ahead of their team mates, who were in turn 1 lap in front of the car driven by Earl Howe and Sir Henry Birkin. The race was not a good one as a spectacle; but there was plenty to interest those who make a study of the relative performances of standard cars. For example the three 8-cylinder F.N.'s were lapping in formation at about 62 m.p.h.—a wonderful speed on the twisty, winding, hilly Francorchamps circuit.
By this time retirements had materially reduced the strength of the classes. The largest class was now non-existent, and in the 4-litre class, after the withdrawal of the Lancia, after a very fast run, the lead was taken by a veteran of the game, a six-year-old Alfa-Romeo of 3,600 c.c., which was once driven in the Targa Florio by the late Count Masetti. This old car, in the hands of Texi and Narishkine, was going splendidly, having a comfortable lead over the de Soto driven by the brothers Nothomb.
From then on little change took place, and Brivio and Siena came home comfortable winners on their 2,336 c.c. Alfa-Romeo, covering a distance of 1,731 miles. Before the race there had been some speculation as to whether the record for the race, set up in 1929 by Benoist and Marinoni, would be beaten, for owing to the large entry, many of which were slow cars, the faster machines would have difficulty in maintaining a high schedule, especially as the road twists a lot, making passing difficult. However, the record was comfortably beaten, and the Italian firm scored a virtual walk over. Second place was taken by Taruffi and D'Ippolito, driving a similar car, while third came those splendid sportsmen Earl Howe and Sir Henry Birkin, on their privately owned Alfa-Romeo of similar type.
Sir Henry Birkin at the wheel of the Alfa-Romeo which he drove in partnership with Earl Howe.
In the various classes, the old Targa Florio 3,600 c.c. Alfa-Romeo won the 4-litre, from the de Soto, while as reported above, Brivio and Siena won the 3-litre class. In the 1,500 c.c. class, a 1,300c.c. Rally, driven in turn by Danne and Gergaud, was first, followed by a Belgian Imperia. Finally in the 1,100 c.c. class, Dove and Treunet piloted their B.N.C. to victory, an Amilcar being second, and a little D.K.W. third. A performance of outstanding merit was that of the three eight cylinder F.N.'s, which finished 4th, 5th and 6th behind the all-conquering Alfa-Romeos in the 3-litre class. The F.N.'s drove past the finish in line ahead formation, only 300 yards separating the three cars, and they very deservedly won the Coupe du Roi.
Other special awards were the Coupe de Buck, which was won by the Alfa-Romeo team, the Coupe Matthys, which went to the Alfa-Romeo driven by Brivio and Siena, and Coupe de la Commission Sportive for the most courageous performance which was won by Evrard (Bugatti).
The winners of the 3-litre, 1½-litre and 1,100 c.c. classes all used Engelbert tyres.
1. Texi-Narischkine (Alfa-Romeo 3,000 c.c.), 2,048 km. 720.
2. Northomb brothers (de Soto), 1,981 km. 130.
1. Brivio-Siena (Alfa-Romeo 2,336 c.c.), 2,786 km. record.
2. Taruffi-D'Ippolito (Alfa-Romeo 2,336 c.c.), 2,681 km. 890.
3. Earl Howe-Sir H. Birkin (Alfa-Romeo 2,336 c.c.), 2,636 km. 230.
4. George-Mathot (F.N.), 2,323 km. 923.
5. Lecomte-Salmon (F.N.), 2,323 km. 720.
6. Jochems-Grisay (F.N.), 2,323 km. 620.
1. Danne-Gergand (Rally 1,300 c.c.), 2,160 km. 159.
2. Hardy-Demoulin (Imperia), 1,460 km. 119.
1,100 C.C.
1. Dore-Treunet (B.N.C.), 2,066 km. 132.
2. Vanhove-Havelange (Amilcar), 2,052 km. 960.
3. Vandertnissen-Roberfroid (D.K.W.), 1,979 km. 439.
4. De Lavilatte-Luys (d'Yrsan), 1,529 km. 022.