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Isuzu 1967


Bellel – discontinied in May
– new model in November (Tokyo Show)





wb: 2350 mm          



Australian advert.




wb: 2530 mm          
          – discontinued


The diesel engine - a first for a Japanese passenger car - made the Bellel popular for commercial applications, such as taxicab services. This partially helped to offset the Bellel's relative unpopularity with private customers, which resulted from the harshness of the early diesel engine and peculiar styling. A small number of these cars found their way into other countries, with left-hand drive. 37,206 Bellels were manufactured in total, with production coming to an end in May 1967. 






  wb: 4 cyl. ohv
1584 cm³
Sedan 4-dr 2500 mm          


The Bellett B's suspension was also used for the larger Florian, which appeared in 1967. 


Florian Deluxe